Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Art by Gorgeous George

So I got in touch with George after seeing his work and ordered him a design...I was a pain I think and maybe too picky but he nailed it in my opinion and I'm SO stoked with the design!!! I'll use that for a poster and t-shirts (still working on the back side of the tee). Anyway...get in touch with him for some beautiful custom art or some of the cool prints he's got on his site...Check it out: Art by Gorgeous George There's also some cool work he did for my buddies at Fifty's Haze and Josh from Old School Helmets...rad stuff!


  1. Paulo! Working with you was great!!! I love it when someone knows what they want! Thanks for the support man!

  2. Anytime...your work is really great and people should know about it.


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