Friday, December 9, 2011


Got a letter from the post office saying I had a box to pick up from I knew I'd be happy.

I couldn't imagine how happy I'd be...EAT DUST stuff is simply AMAZING...from the envelope, the little details, the quality is impressive...I could go on forever...

I took some nice pics but they don't make justice...I'm so stoked with Vest and Jeans that I'm like a little kid at Christmas...

The best, coolest, raddest vest I've ever owned! GO GET YOUR XMAS GIFT HERE

The man on the right is Keith, by his side is our girl HANNA...Rob is not in the picture, he was in bed by that time. But...where the FUCK is Olie????

Keith and Rob...thank you so much for this...I'll wear it proudly. But especially I was impressed with the quality of the materials, the packaging, and etc...people like you set the bar higher and inspire me to go on try make my stuff better, spend more time with details, give it a little more's a refreshing energy! THANK YOU!

Hope I'll do justice to our project!


  1. hot damn! I know the feeling...
    Finally you have the uniform!

  2. Yea where was i , i think i was awake , somthing woke me up !!!!!

  3. JAckeT iS aWeSomE......but expensive uh?
    What size u order dude?

  4. Totally worth it! I got a LARGE they run a little small.


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