Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Team Green

In '76 the water cooled KR750 already had 115hp...2-stroke porn right there...


  1. hi paulo....last month i sent payment for 2 helmets plus postage.....i know you've done anything......how far you contact me plese...

  2. Hi Scuro,
    Send me an email or just your name so I can check your order and send you tracking info. Can't find your info looking up by Scuro.

  3. hi paulo....my name is alessandro macrì
    my email is sandrobobber71@gmail.com
    aspect of your news
    thanks paulo
    lo scuro.

  4. Those Kawas still are fuckin frightening.
    My dad once road the normal H2 of a friend, and said he couldn't really control it in the upper RPM regions...she just wanted to go airborne in every gear.
    So bad!

  5. Can you imagine that...115 hp on and 70s 2stroke bike?! I think it was Kenny Roberts that said he wasn't paid well enough to ride the Yamaha 750 2T...


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