Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Born Free 2 Signed Helmet

This is my collectible item from Born Loser 2.
It was autographed by:
Mike D. (Born Loser - Born Free)
Jeff Wright (Church of Choppers - Sinners)
Dustin Hiniker (Sinners)
Max Schaaf (4Q Conditioning)
Matt Davis (DicE Magazine)
Chopper Dave (Chopper Dave - Sinners)
Harpoon (Freedom Machinery & Accessories)
Denver Dan (Church of Choppers - Sinners)
Brandon Holstein (Brawny Built - Sinners)
Big Scott (Cycle Zombies)
Scott Spotnik (Cycle Zombies)
Pac Man (Church of Choppers)
Kutty Noteboom (Hippy Killer - Sinners)
Gilby Clarke
J.D. King
Guy (Greasy Culture Magazine)
Can't Stay Jose (Sinners)
Yoshi (Garage Company)
Jason Craze (Eternal Combustion)
last but definitely not least...
Vicki (Joe King's Executive Producer)

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