Monday, May 3, 2010

No Rest For The Wicked

There's a nice story behind this's probably the first album I ever bought with my "own" money...I was on vacation with my dad in Copenhagen and was 10 years old...I remember getting into a store which was in a big square with lots of open air bars and cafes. I got LOTS of GNR stickers and an Ozzy botton with it...don't know why...probably a Scandinavian tour coming or something...anyway, the little girl on the right side with white eyes used to scare me to death...
Bloodbath in Paradise was my favorite track.
While I was writing this post I decided to take a look at the photo album from that trip...and there IS a freakin' pic of me and the record store bag...I'm the kid wearing the shit colored sweatshirt holding a "discus" bag.

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