Monday, January 11, 2010

Family Album

The '72 500 Four is still around belongs to my uncle (I've been trying to steal it for years now).The Yamaha 650 was sold a long time ago...too could EASILY turn into a killer cafe...if only I had my hands on it now...Still trying to find my Dad's Harley and Honda pics and a real cool and old pic from my Grandpa's 40-something Indian 1200. Check out the stylish shoes on the last!


  1. putz , demais esse post!
    650 ohc trepida pacas, a cordinha na chave teve seu inĂ­cio ai. se nao me engano a primeira 4 tempos da yamaha.

  2. Your mother looked pretty. These are great period pics. I have a couple of my old man with some bikes from the 70s.


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