Monday, November 9, 2009


This will be just the beginning of several comparisons I'll make regarding size and fit. I believe one of the most important things when you look for a vintage helmet or a vintage style helmet is how SMALL it will fit on your head. We're searching for the brain bucket look, right?
I'm not here to judge any brand. That's up to you. I'm here to talk about the shell and compare them with the Joe King's shells.


  1. I have one of the Fulmer V2 old skool helmets. I custom paint myself. I'm going to give it a new skin of color this winter. But now I see your helmets. Do you have a Fulmer V2 that you can do a comparison to yours with? If so, I would love to see it. Maybe I would would be interested in buying a shell or two from you.

  2. Mr. Motorcycle, hope I have answered your question with 'the part 2' post. You can see that my shell is shorter than the Biltwell and it's even narrower than the V2. It took me VERY VERY long to develop this shell and that's why I'm very glad to have achieved the look that I wanted to.

  3. Thanks! I do gotta ask you though. How well does yours fit,and does it want to catch a lot of wind when you ride over 65MPH. My Fulmer is the only helmet I've ever owned that does a substantial job of not being a head kite, (excluding full face helmets which totally suck ass). Even the Fulmer needs a little adjustment at over 65 MPH once in a while, or I really notice the wind trying to suck my head right off of my neck.

  4. I can guarantee you that since I'll need you head measured to make the helmet fit perfectly to YOUR head. (BTW in spite of what most people thing, the perfect fit is the SNUG fit and not the very comfortable and relaxed one) It may be a little snug if you only ride at 20-30 mph on the streets on Sundays but it will surely stand still at 70mph on the highway. You see...since I make the helmet from scratch I can do exaclty the kind of helmet you need. Also, the wider leather straps gives you a little more hold than regular ones.
    Let me know all you questions. I'm happy to answer them as accurate as possible and I'm sure it'll help answering other people doubts.


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