Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kawa Project

the beast
Teydi and I found the lines after hours of staring at it...
Final touches before working with fiber
the beauty

Some time ago I decided to take a nearly impossible task: make a ZZR1100 look good...
Even worse...make it look like 70's, early 80's race bikes...which I love, and make something a little different as well...since now all this "CAFE" trend is beginning to piss me off.
It's been a while but it's finally coming to something good (in my opinion).
I'll post more pics next week...
Although the original bike is ugly as hell...that an 150hp beast.


  1. I'm about to start the same excercise on a GXS1100g! At this point I'm looking at using either a kawaski 900 tank (lovely lines) or an early BM, the ones with the rubber knee inserts. I'll be watching progress.

  2. Send me your pics. That tank is a cool tank!

  3. I'll send you my photoshop 'G' concepts, as soon as I resize them.


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