Monday, July 4, 2016

Born Free 8 - more pics

Brad Pitt

Got this dude a new helmet

Our "booth"...more like a table...
With the DicE and TRIco family
Busbys arriving...
Been a while since I've seen to catch up. Exile's 20th Anniversary Party is coming up in October.
Love this guy
Nash's kid killed it. Go check out this band: UNIFORM
Matt's beautiful flathead
Another shot from Ryan's Alien's Poison
One of my favorites...Matt Jackson's
Arie's insane knuckle
Jeff Leighton's
The most professional booth setup...right next to my "table"...thanks Cicero!
Good times with Max, Brad and Big Scott
Cohen's killer knuckle...this guy has a good taste! I think he got that tire from me 2 years ago...had red paint splatters on it.
Troy, Teresa (flash appearance) and Matt
Walter does Dean.
I think Ryan wanted to hug me but he was too busy holding his trophys! Congrats dude!!!!
Team 4Q
Matt and Max
Stoked for these two that are going to Japan!!! 
Hanna and Ana
Always rad hanging with these great guys

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