Wednesday, September 17, 2014

L.P. #2

Ocean Ride - II Harleyros Festival

Evento bacana nesse fds!!! Esse capacete sera sorteado la. Mais infos e detalhes no flyer acima.

Johnny Wash's 1948 Panhead

A rad 'made in Brasil' panhead. Built at Johnny Wash. 

Helmets in Action

Max - USA
 Bobby - USA
 Mike - USA
Ryan and Hanna
 Alexey - Russia
 Davey - USA
 Flavia - Brasil
 Mr. Pig & Ana 
 Rodrigo - Brasil
 Thiago - Brasil
Tiago - Brasil

Yesterday's White

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In Action in Portland

Zack's panshovel looks rad!
Seen here with this silver flake and burgundy helmet...can't go wrong with this color combo.

Moscowian Action!

got this great 'in action' pic from Alexey "Goooze" from Moscow. Thanks!

Hank's 63

HankyPanky from BaRoN on Vimeo.

Stock at Machina


V.M. #2

V.M. #1

Monday, September 15, 2014

Joe King Helmets in Action

Rick Petko RPD & Co. and Orange County Choppers
Mr. El Ojo "Greg" 
Jason AKA Mensgroomer
Josh's kid ruling!
Wayne & Justin

Good Stuff!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Keino Cycles X Yamaha Yard Built Project X Joe King

Beyond stoked and honored to be part of this. So a few months ago Yamaha Europe got in touch with me regarding their Yard Built Project. On previous versions they made bikes with the Wrenchmonkees, Deus and now they stepped up their game doing it with someone that I have a great admiration for, Keino, Keino Cycles. They said they wanted a one of a kind, yardbuilt, handmade helmet for their project with Keino. It was stoked and I want to thanks Danny, Bas, Keino and Copeland for making me be part of such a cool project.
The thing I liked the most was how cool they were, they understood what being a small independent business that's passionate about their craft meant...and that's HUGE for me coming from a one of the biggest motorcycle companies in the world.
I can't thank you enough...things like these makes you want to push even more, keep being small, doing what you love and not giving a fuck to what people think.

These two helmets were made for the project and even though I had little input on the designs, honestly, they are exaclty what I like (clean and cool) and I would probably do something similar. Yamaha Yard Built project know exaclty what they're doing!!

So enough about me and the helmets...the best part of it is the bike...Keino built such a badass bike and I was blown away with the springer front end. This thing must be so much fun...I can't even imagine.
One of the coolest street trackers I've ever seen. Check out more pics and info of Keino's RHAPSODY IN BLUE XJR1300

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