Friday, September 30, 2011

Brooklyn Invitational 2011

It's not your helmet, Dean...

too drunk to remember...

hate you both...cause I'm mean!

nice pic taken by Vicki...

Caleb, Dean, Father Micetich and Vicki...

Me and Copeland...the Invitational was awesome, thanks guys!

4 ladies that I love...

Check out Mr. DicE posing in style

few of the tons of cool bikes...

DicE & Two Wheels Brazil

Brooklyn Invitational from Richard Grabbe on Vimeo.

Took this very nice video by Richard Grabbe from Chopperdave's blog...check it out


  1. The whole Micetich family now love you like crazy Paulo.

  2. Paulo, the top hat replaces the yellow cap???

  3. Awesome, really Hyper AWESOME!!!!


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